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Art Appreciation with Tin Can Telephones for Parents and Kids

Kids talk and grown-ups listen. That’s all. 

Parent and child will talk on a tin can telephone while they enjoy appreciating works of art together. There is one basic rule: kids talk about their thoughts as they view artworks, and parents listen carefully to what their child says. How simple is that? It will help you to find your own way to appreciate art. 


Number of players : 

at least a pair of people

Duration : 


Suitable participants : 

Adult-child pairs (child must be able to speak)

Past venue : 

Conducted at Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Setsuko Migishi, 2018

*A virtual event is available.








一宮市三岸節子記念美術館にて実施 2018 

※ オンライン・リモート対応可



Art Appreciation with Tin Can Telephones for Parents and Kids is a fun and interactive activity focusing on art appreciation. Kids can share their thoughts on the artworks with their parents, but parents cannot share their ideas. What adults can do is listen to their child carefully, or develop the conversation by asking three core questions which are integral to this interactive art appreciation. 

This one-way communication on a tin can telephone allows you the space to give your full attention to what your partner says, ensuring many small findings and surprises. The method also creates a safe environment for kids to feel they are being listened to and can openly express their opinion. Art Appreciation with Tin Can Telephones for Parents and Kids creates a happy place where two individuals give each other joy. 

Please note that some art galleries don’t allow patrons to bring tin can telephones into exhibition rooms. Please inquire at each facility. 












When you actually start the activity, some people may talk little, stay quiet, just walk around, or are distracted by other activities. That’s okay. Talking a lot isn’t the objective of this activity even though it is designed to prompt conversation. The goal is to accept how others enjoy artworks in their own way, including different behaviors during art appreciation, and to listen to one another carefully via a tin can telephone. 

As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. Each of us has our own way to appreciate art, regardless of age. If someone doesn't appear to be looking at artworks carefully, perhaps they have a very different approach from you when it comes to enjoying art. It may be a good opportunity for adults to take a moment to consider the question “What does it mean to ‘look carefully’ anyway?”

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