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1985 Born in Mie Prefecture

An artist who creates a site where expression is spun out of seemingly nothing.Present various forms of expression in response to the place and occasion. Residencies, performances, lectures, workshops, art appreciation programs, etc.


Yu Sato

アーティスト:1985年 三重県生まれ







2010「アーティストインレジデンス 天草」熊本



2012 2015「大地の芸術祭」新潟

2022 「粟島芸術家村 粟島アーティストインレジデンス」香川

The artist will stay and work with the people involved in the project and present the results of his/her work.

2006 "Veracruz State University Exchange Exhibition" Mexico
2010 "Artist in Residence Amakusa" Kumamoto, Japan
2011 "Sky Art Festival" Kanagawa, Japan
2012 "Koganecho Bazaar" Kanagawa, Japan
2012 2015 "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial" Niigata, Japan
2022 "Awashima Artist Village, Awashima Artist-in-Residence" Kagawa, Japan



Improvised Storytelling 「Ichimai banashi」



2020 山梨県立図書館 子どもの読書オープンカレッジ 「いちまいばなし」の講演

2022 山梨大学 教育学部 学校教育過程 幼少発達教育コース 講義開催

2023 「奥能登国際芸術祭2023」出品(石川/珠洲)

2024 「 UNMANNED無人駅の芸術祭/大井川2024」出品(静岡県/島田市門出駅)

While drawing a picture on a sheet of paper, we create an improvised story involving the people present. We perform in different forms depending on the purpose, such as one-shot events, long-term implementation, demonstrations on the street, and lecture style in the classroom. He has given numerous lectures at events and arts festivals around the country, and has produced more than 400 stories with approximately 2,000 people.

2020 Lecture at Yamanashi Prefectural Library, Children's Reading Open College 
2022 Lecture at the University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Education, School Education Course, Early Childhood Development Education Course


Lectures and Workshops



2017  もりや市民大学 講座

2017  思考と技術と対話の学校 言葉を紡ぐ 講座

2018  茨城県南地区社会教育主事担当者連絡協議会 全体研修会 

2018 大子町まちづくり課/地方自治体/茨城県大子町

2018 福島県喜多方市教育委員会生涯学習課

2019 茨城県取手市立藤代南中学校 ー芸術家の派遣事業

2019 大阪市立大学大学院 都市経営研究科 都市政策・地域経済コース 


2022 神戸大学 国際人間科学部 アートコミュニケーションプログラム 


2023 和光大学 現代人間学部 心理教育学科 講義開催

We offer workshops for fun expression and lectures on art history. We offer workshops for parents and children, commercial facilities, junior high schools and universities, government officials, corporate training, etc., according to the client's objectives. Please contact us for details.

For more details, please contact us.

2017 School of Thought, Technology, and Dialogue: Weaving Words Lecture

2018 Ogo Town Community Development Division / Local Government / Ogo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture

2019 Fujishiro Minami Junior High School, Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture - Dispatch of artists

2019 Osaka City University Graduate School of Urban Management, Urban Policy and Regional Economy Course Workshop held

2022 Kobe University, Faculty of International Human Sciences, Art Communication Program Online lectures held

2023 Wako University, Faculty of Contemporary Human Studies, Department of Psychology and Education Lecture